What are a transportation management system benefits?

Driver management

One of the benefits of a transportation management system is the automation of driver management. Drivers are one of the main parts of the trucking business. The ability to automatically track the current status of driver accounts (driver fired, driver on a trip, the driver needs to renew CDL or medical card, etc.) allows you to plan and ensure the smooth operation of the company.

Truck and trailer management

Another benefit of the implementation of the transportation management system is the automation of truck and trailer control. Trucks and trailers are the backbones of the trucking industry. Efficient truck and trailer management ensures the success of your company. Automatic monitoring of the current state of trucks and trailers (on a trip, under repair, the need for inspection, the need for insurance, etc.) ensures efficient management.

Real-time shipping progress tracking

The ability to track the delivery status in real time is the most obvious benefit of TMS. TMS allows you to track in real-time where the truck is currently located, and choose the best route, taking into account the addresses of pickup/delivery, traffic conditions, and even the cost of fuel on the route. Sending notifications to the driver about the need for changes in the route, stops, fuel stations, etc. The transportation management system allows you to track the driver's working hours, the number of miles driven by the truck, fuel consumption, as well as all trip expenses.

Customer service improvement

The ability to automatically notify customers that their delivery has left the origin, the possible time of arrival, and the arrival at the delivery location is another benefit of implementing a transportation management system that even customers notice.

Automation of most routine processes of transport company management

Management of a transport company is a huge set of routine processes that need to be performed by a certain team of various specialists every day. Automation of such routine processes is a benefit of the transportation management system that everyone forgets about. But it is this benefit that brings the greatest value to the company.

Reduce company expenses

Reducing company expenses is the main benefit for the company's top management when choosing a transportation management system. TMS automates the management of drivers and vehicles, loads and trips, payroll and invoices, expenses and income, and paperwork. This reduces the number of stuff required to ensure the operation of the trucking company, reduces the administrative costs of the company, increases the efficiency of its work, and, as a result, increases the company's income.