Terms of Use

1. Terms and definitions

1.1 The site trucking365.io (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") is an information resource available on the Internet using the domain name trucking365.io and any of its subdomains *.trucking365.io (where * is any name), as well as sites that carry out redirect to trucking365.io domain.

1.2 Trucking365.io is a transportation management system (SaaS), an information service covering everything related to trucking.

1.3 User (hereinafter referred to as the "User") - an individual, entrepreneur, and/or legal entity of any form of ownership, using the Site for personal and/or commercial purposes and solely on its own behalf.

1.4 Service(s) (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") - services provided to the User through the Site and/or otherwise, as well as the relevant functional sections of the Site and methods of providing services.

2. General provisions

2.1 This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") governs the relationship, between the User, on the one hand, and Trucking365.io, on the other hand, in the result of using the Site, and/or the provision of the Services. This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for using the Site and/or Services.

2.2 The provisions of this agreement apply to both free and paid access, and apply to both registered and unregistered Users of the Site.

2.3 This Agreement becomes available to the User visiting the Site. The use of the Site, any Services, and/or account/accounts confirms the consensus with all the terms of this agreement and unconditional and immediate acceptance.

2.4 Trucking365.io can change the provisions of this agreement at any time. Continued use by the User of the Site and/or Services after any changes to the agreement means an unconditional and immediate agreement of the User with the changes.

3. Trucking365.io Limited Liability

3.1 Access to the Site and Services is provided "as is" and Trucking365.io does not guarantee that the Site and/or Services will meet the expectations and/or purposes of the User.

3.2 The User understands and agrees that Trucking365.io has the right, at its own discretion and without special notice to the User, to change the set of Services available to him and/or the functionality of the Site.

3.3 A user of the Site and its Services who does not have an account or is not logged into an account understands and agrees that due to the lack of identification on the Site, access to the Services and/or the functionality of the Site has a list of restrictions.

3.4 The User understands and agrees that Trucking365.io does not guarantee 100% error-free and uninterrupted operation of the Site and/or Services and is not responsible for any possible damage caused to the User and/or third parties by any failures and/or errors of the hardware and/or software on either side.

3.5 The User understands and agrees that Trucking365.io does not guarantee the accuracy of information posted on the Site, and is not responsible for any possible damage caused to the User and/or third parties as a result of using the Site and/or Services.

3.6 The User understands and agrees that Trucking365.io is not responsible for the quality of the goods/services provided.

3.7 Trucking365.io reserves the right at any time at its sole discretion to suspend, restrict or terminate the User's access to the Site or to its individual Services without special prior and/or subsequent notice to the User, including, but not exclusively, in case of violation by the User of this Agreement and/or applicable law. At the same time, Trucking365.io does not have any obligation to compensate for possible damages associated with the restriction and/or suspension and/or termination of access to the Site and/or Services.

4. Account

4.1 By registering an account on the Site, the User guarantees that he is duly legally capable and fully capable.

4.2 The User undertakes to provide in the registration data reliable information about himself and/or the company, his contact details, and any other data requested in the relevant fields of the registration form.

4.3 The User is fully responsible and independently takes measures to ensure the security of his account on the Site (including control over the login-password link, email address, etc.). The User is fully responsible for all activities performed using his account. The User undertakes to immediately notify Trucking365.io of any unauthorized use of his account by third parties. The User undertakes not to use information in the registration data that may be misleading, in particular, but not exclusively: designations, trademarks, and/or commercial names of third parties or similar to them; data that duplicates the data of any other account, contact details of third parties.

4.5 The User undertakes not to register or use more than one account on the Site at the same time.

4.6 The user undertakes to use the account solely to meet their own needs (needs of the company) directly related to trucking management.

4.7 Trucking365.io reserves the right to request, both at its sole discretion and as part of the verification system, confirmation of the data provided by the User, and make decisions regarding the validity of the User's account based on the results of such requests.

4.8 Trucking365.io reserves the right to block, suspend and/or cancel (delete) the registration of the User's account, in particular, but not exclusively, in the following cases:

- violation of the conditions of registration and/or use of the account given in this section;

- violation of using the Site Services for other than their intended purpose and/or other use of information;

- successful or unsuccessful attempts to circumvent technical or software information protection tools used by Trucking365.io when providing the Services, various types of attacks directed against the Site, including, but not exclusively, with the deliberate use of possible errors in the Site's scripts.

4.9 Trucking365.io reserves the right to maintain a history of changes by the User of any data of the account, with the same level of public access to the history of changes as to the data itself. Any data stored in the history of changes for the account is recognized as relevant for establishing any formally significant facts and relationships related to the account and, in addition, in disputable and/or doubtful cases, subject to additional documentary confirmation by the User of the good faith of the data change and use account before and after such changes - referring to the time of the relevance of such registration data.

4.10 Trucking365.io reserves the right to store in its databases all information, data, and information received from the User, independently posted by the User or obtained from other sources.

4.11 Trucking365.io reserves the right to delete from its databases information, data, and information received from the User, independently posted by the User or obtained from other sources at its own discretion and without special prior and/or subsequent notice to the User.

5. Personal data and privacy

5.1 The User grants Trucking365.io consent (permission) to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

5.2 When providing, in particular, but not exclusively, when posted on the Site, the User of any information containing personal data of third parties. The User guarantees that each such action does not violate the rights of third parties established by law and/or the contract, and, in particular, guarantees that each such action is subject to, secured by the responsibility of this User, the consent of the subject of the relevant personal data.

5.3 The User is solely responsible for the correctness of the choice, and individual privacy/publicity settings of the posted information when using the User's account on the Site within the Services.

5.4 When using the Site and/or Services, it is prohibited to post personal data of an individual about racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious and other beliefs, membership in various organizations, as well as information about biometric data, health data, personal and sexual life. If such information is found, it will be deleted without any additional notifications.

5.5 Trucking365.io is not responsible for any consequences of the use of the User's personal data by other Users in the event that such data was independently posted by this individual in violation of the requirements of this User Agreement and other Terms and Conditions for the use of the Site and/or Services or became known to third parties due to non-observance by the User of the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

6. Use of information by the User

6.1 Regardless of the treatment of other Users and/or Trucking365.io, the User undertakes to observe generally accepted standards of courtesy.

6.2 The User undertakes not to use, without the direct permission of Trucking365.io, the Site and/or Services to post any type of advertising information and/or to distribute messages of any information that does not correspond to the subject matter of the Site (Services).

6.3 By uploading any documents and/or images on the Site, the User guarantees that he has the right to use the document/image for the technical purposes for which it is uploaded to the Site, without violating the rights (in particular, but not exclusively, intellectual property rights) of a person, in including attached to the public contractual obligations of the User, public law interests.

6.4 The User undertakes not to commit unfair actions directed against other Users and/or Trucking365.io, in particular, but not exclusively, the communication using the Site / Services of any information with the input, without sufficiently accurate identifiers, registration, or excluded contact details of others misleading information about the true identity of the User, the relationship of representation between the Users and/or the intentions of the Users. The User understands that such actions may also be qualified as fraud and thus constitute a criminal offense punishable.

6.5 Trucking365.io is the owner of exclusive intellectual property rights to compile data (databases), and access to User content within the Services. The user is granted non-exclusive rights to store the results of intellectual activity, and the right to use Trucking365.io, solely to meet its or the company's needs.

7. Composition and operation of the User Agreement

7.1. The User Agreement sets out the general rules which apply to all the Site / Services.

8. Contact Trucking365.io

8.1 Information on how to contact Us is available on the Home page. You can use the contact form.

8.2 You understand and agree that in the interests of Yours and Ours, as well as all other bona fide parties that may be involved in various matters, we have the right to record telephone conversations with the support service.

9. No Warranties

9.1 Trucking365.io does not warrant that the Site and/or Service and/or any Site content, feature, service, or product (including software) will be error-free, continuously available, or that any errors or inaccuracies will be corrected, or that use by the User of the Site will provide some result. The Site Content and/or Services, and the Site as a whole, are provided on an "as is" (as is) or "as available" (as-available) basis. Any information on the Site and/or the Service may be changed/deleted/added at any time without preliminary notification. The Site did not detect viruses or unwanted or dangerous software. Trucking365.io disclaims any and all liability for the acts, conduct, or omissions of any third parties or any other parties related to the User's use of the Site, Site features, and any features and/or Services. The entirety of responsibility for the use of the Site and/or Services is assumed by the User. The User's sole remedy against Trucking365.io in the event of dissatisfaction with the content of the Site and/or the Trucking365.io Site/Services shall be the not consumption of the Site.

9.2 The user of the Site is obliged to comply with applicable laws and all applicable regulations, as well as take sole responsibility for compliance with and implementation of any legislative acts at the local and international levels. Under no circumstances will Trucking365.io or its authorized representatives receive protocols for non-participation by the User of the Site of any legislative acts.

9.3 The provisions of this section apply to any damage (material and non-material), as well as default or damage, serious damage to the operation of the Site, error, non-compliance with conditions, thoroughness, deletion, delay in the operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft, distribution, unauthorized access, alteration or use, whether due to infringement, tort, negligence or any other reason.

Trucking365.io reserves the right to act, which can be carried out at any time and without restrictions:

- make changes, suspend and/or lose access to the Site / Services and/or any part of it for any reason;

- making changes to the Site/Services, any part of it, and any applicable policies or conditions;

- stop the operation of the Site/Services or any part of it, if it happens to perform preventive or urgent maintenance, errors or other changes occur, or for any other reason.