Privacy Policy

1. This Privacy Policy has been drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and contains an agreement between You and Us regarding the processing and protection of Your personal data and is an integral part of the User Agreement.

Scope, categories, and data sources

2. We may have the following information about you:

- information provided by you when registering an account and subsequent updating of registration data (last name, first name, patronymic, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses (physical and/or legal), and other data related to you and/or your activities);

- information provided by you in the course of your use of the Site and/or Services (including by placing information related to customers, drivers, loads, trips, invoices, settlements, and many more, contact & support forms, etc.);

- data automatically obtained as a result of your use of the Site and/or Services (date and time of registration of the account, dates and times of visits to the Site, data on the use of the Site: pages viewed, clicks on links, search queries, etc., data on technologies used by you to access the Site: your Internet service provider, IP address, characteristics and settings of electronic devices and software used to access the Site).

Cookies and Similar Technologies

Cookies are small text files placed on a storage device and read by a web server in the domain in which they were created. This data uniquely identifies your computer but may contain other information. Cookies and similar technologies allow us to store login parameters, study user actions, and analyze traffic to individual pages of the Site/Services. We treat data collected through cookies and other technologies as non-personal information.

The purposes of processing and the procedure for using your personal data

3. We may use your data for the following purposes:

- ensuring the proper provision of the Services;

- assessment of the interest of Users in our Services, informing about new Services and updates to the Site;

- resolution of various kinds of non-standard situations;

- the creation of an information infrastructure to ensure the security of your activities on the Site;

- other purposes, about which we will additionally inform you, requesting your consent.

4. You agree to the storage and processing of Your personal data by Us during the entire period of existence of Your account, as well as within 1 (one) year after the specified period.


5. We take technical, software, and organizational measures to protect your confidential information from unauthorized actions of third parties. From Our side, access to your personal data is available to a limited number of employees and authorized persons who need this information to process data on our behalf and for the purposes expressly provided for in this Privacy Policy. All of them undertake confidentiality obligations and in case of violation of the mentioned obligations will be subject, as applicable, to disciplinary, civil, administrative, and/or criminal liability.

6. Access to your confidential information can also be carried out through the usual authorization system using your login and password. If You neglect to independently ensure the security of Your account, third parties may gain unauthorized access to Your information, for which We are in no way responsible.

Access to personal data and their modification/deletion

7. The user can at any time request access to his personal data that we process, their modification or deletion. To view and/or change your personal data, obtain information about how long the Site intends to store your personal data, or request information from us about whether we store and process any of your personal data on behalf of a third party, and also for other questions related to access to personal data, please contact e-mail. mail:

8. You can submit a request to delete the contents of your account. By requesting the deletion of the contents of your account, you completely refuse to use the Site/Services, and the contents of your account, as well as all records associated with it, are deleted in their entirety and cannot be restored.

Dissemination of information by you

9. You understand and agree that when you provide information by you when registering an Account on the Site and within the Services (in particular, but not exclusively when placing information related to customers, drivers, loads, trips, invoices, settlements, and many more), some personal data (in particular, but not exclusively, names, addresses, telephone numbers, identifiers in messaging systems, etc.) are thereby legitimately distributed (transferred) to an unlimited circle of persons.

10. You acknowledge that the very essence of Our Site and Services provides for the main purpose of dissemination and exchange of various kinds of information, some of which falls under the definition of personal data; and that, accordingly, your registration of an Account on the Site and your use of the Services implies the dissemination of information primarily by you and in your interests, for which we provide a software and hardware platform.

11. Subject to the foregoing, you hereby represent and warrant your full consent - and where applicable, the duly informed consent of the relevant personal data subjects - to the public distribution of data described above, and in addition, taking into account the very essence of the Services and the public nature of the distribution data, confirm the understanding of the objective absence of the need, as well as the practical impossibility, of additional special notices from Us about the transfer of personal data described above to third parties.

Information dissemination by us

12. We may provide third parties with access to your personal data only in the following cases:

- with your express consent. For all cases not expressly provided for in the User Agreement, we will separately request your consent.

- within the framework of ensuring the security of all Users and the transparency of the use of the Site by all Users. We reserve the right to further implement such functions as they are reasonably necessary, exclusively with respect to all Users at the same time, with mandatory consultations with the widest possible number of Users of the Site.

- for external processing under Our control. We may grant access to our contractors, and trusted persons to process data solely for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, subject to such persons complying with confidentiality obligations and all necessary security requirements, under Our control.

- to comply with the rule of law and public order. We may provide access to information about you if we have reasonable grounds to believe in good faith that such use of information is reasonably necessary to: comply with legal requirements, orders of judicial or other government authorities that can be enforced; and/or detect, preventing and/or taking other measures against fraud, other unlawful and/or dishonest actions that pose a danger to the interests of Users, and/or public order.

How We Use Collected Data

13. Through the data we collect, we can provide, maintain, protect, and develop existing Services and create new ones, as well as ensure the safety of the Site and Users.

14. The public data of your account and other data associated with it may be available to other Users of the Site and may be used by them for various purposes, including advertising.

15. From time to time, we send Users e-mail notifications about upcoming changes or improvements in the operation of the Site/Services, etc.

16. If we need to use your data for purposes not mentioned in this privacy policy, we always ask for prior consent to do so.

Transfer of information

17. We share the information you provide as follows:

We may use third parties who may work with us to maintain the Site or Services, and such third parties may have access to the information you provide. Such third parties are required to protect this information and must not use this information for any purpose other than to perform the services they perform for us in the manner described in their privacy policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

18. This Privacy Policy may be subject to revision and updates. We will not fundamentally restrict your rights without your consent. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on this page, and the User undertakes to independently follow the updates.